Explore Bir
Bir is on the edge of a forest that has been given a sanctuary status. It is named after a Scottish officer, Captain Billing who served the British empire during the pre-independence era.

There are various adventure and leisure activities that you can undertake around Bir.

We will be happy to help you plan your outings.


For the truly brave at heart, let us fast track you on an intensive 2 week paragliding course. And for those who wish to enjoy the Kangra valley like a bird without the hassle of training, we will arrange a tandem flight for you with an experienced pilot.

Bird Watching
Bir, and the resort is a paradise for bird watchers because of its vegetation and climate, which includes pines and Cedar (Deodar) forests.
Monasteries & Temples
Bir has a large tibetan colony, which provides an interesting juxtaposition of cultures. The colony was built soon after the Dalai Lama was granted asylum in Dharamshala. The sprawling and ornate monasteries constructed by them add to the landscape in and around Bir. A visit to any of these will be worth your while.
Treks & Camps
Many trekking routes to Manali and Chamba originate from Bir.
Wander through the villages, gardens, and forests to take a taste of the peaceful life of the Himalayas.
Tea Gardens
Stroll through tea gardens and tour the local tea factory to discover how tea is made
Herbal Clinic
Get a natural health tune-up at the Tibetan herbal clinic (Men-Tsee-Khang)
Whitewater rafting (in Beas, nearby)
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing and mountaineering in the Dhauladhar range
Just Relax !
Cap off the day relaxing on the garden patio or around the bonfire with kindred spirits from across India and around the world